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Create a project from command line

Sentry catches loggings and errors from client applications.

The only way I know of creating a project in Sentry is by manually submitting the form in the Web application interface.

I'm searching for a way to create a project into Sentry from the command line in any way (options, config file) ?

This would be greatly valuable for deployment scripts. Otherwise no automation is possible.

Just found this discussion while Googling around but no answer:

Any idea?

Answer Source

It's a django project, of course you can:

from sentry.models import Project
project = Project(...)

Edit: You could write a custom management command to get functionality on the command line

Edit by question's author: Yes indeed it is a django project, so like a django project I automated my deployment in the three following steps:

  1. Start Sentry, create users, teams and projects and adjust settings from the admin Web interface
  2. Run dumpdata like you'd do with any django project (sentry will implicitly call

    sentry dumpdata --indent=2 auth > auth_data.json

    sentry dumpdata --indent=2 sentry > sentry_data.json

  3. Deploy step by step:

    sentry syncdb --noinput

    sentry migrate

    sentry loaddata auth_data.json

    sentry loaddata sentry_data.json

Works pretty well. Hope this will help others.

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