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Facebook sdk.js returns 404 error

My web-app has the Facebook JS SDK implemented.

Yesterday, everything was working fine and without any modification on the code, the script request started to return 404 errors.

Facebook SDK 404 request error shown in browser dev tools.

When I try to access it directly, this is what I find:

Screenshot of sdk.js in the browser, which is just a white page with the text "Not Found".

Facebook Status shows that the API everything is OK.

Screenshot of Facebook status dashboard that shows everything as healthy with no issues.

Instagram's embeds.js and Facebook's debug SDK are also returning the same error:

Screenshot of Instagram's embeds.js in the browser. The page simply says, "Not Found".

Screenshot of Facebook's debug.js in the browser. The page simply says, "Not Found".

Does anyone knows what it happening? I've tried accessing these files using my 4G network and the same error is displayed.

I'm based in Dublin, Ireland.

Answer Source

I figured this one out.. it seems the .net isn't working anymore.. I used ".com" instead:

Use https://connect.facebook.com/en_US/sdk.js

instead of https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js

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