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Bash Question

Why is my shell only detecting return codes between 0 - 255?

Take the following C++ program:

#include <cstdlib>
int main(){exit(-1);}

When I run this program in either
, or
, I get the following results:

$ ./test
$ echo $?

If I run:

#include <cstdlib>
int main(){exit(256);}

it produces the following:

$ ./test
$ echo $?

Is it normal for a shell to interpret return codes between 0 - 255?

Is it possible to produce values outside of this range?

Answer Source

C++ allows you to return two values from main: EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE. Returning EXIT_SUCCESS is the same as returning 0, which has the same effect as calling std::exit(0).

The return value is passed back to the operating system in an implementation-defined manner, and what the OS does with the value is also implementation-defined. Finally, the semantics of returning any other value from main are implementation-defined, too.

C++ has nothing more to say on this subject. You need to consult your platform's documentation.

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