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How to output these values in a list from PHP - array_keys()?

I'm having trouble trying to output array values into separate list items like so:

  • 1993 Mercedes Benze Own

  • 2006 Honda Fit Lease

. Here's the output by

[0] => [{"Year":"1993","Make":"Mercedes","Model":"Benz","Lease / Own":"Own"},{"Year":"2016","Make":"Honda","Model":"Fit","Lease / Own":"Lease"}]

However, the format is tricky for me and I'm not exactly sure where I should go from here in order to output the values when they are laid out like this.

I know it has to do with
, but I'm lost as to where to go from here since the following gives me nothing:


Any clues to point me in the right direction?

Answer Source

Nothing you've shown has anything to do with array_keys(). First thing is decode the 0 index of your array that is JSON:

$result = json_decode($array[0], true);

Then loop through it:

foreach($result as $value) {
    echo "{$value['Year']} {$value['Make']} {$value['Model']} {$value['Lease / Own']}<br>\n";

If you need the keys (Year, Make, Model, Lease / Own) as column headings or whatever then you can use array keys on the first row of the result:

foreach(array_keys($result[0]) as $heading) {
    echo "$heading<br>\n";
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