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Git Question

Why can't another programm see my local (unpushed) commit?

I have made a commit in VS2015, but I haven't pushed it yet. Then I made a fetch with Git Extension and I can see, that I'm 2 commits behind the remote branch. But Git Extension doesn't show me my local commit. When I search after the commit hash in Git Extension, he also doesn't find it. Why?

git status
also only shows me that I'm two commits behind the remote branch.
git log @{u}..
shows nothing on console.
git log origin/master..HEAD
only shows commits from the old fetched remote.

I wanted to do a rebase, but now I don't know if thats a good idea, if Git Extension can't see my local commit.

Answer Source

Try to use git reflog to see a history changes in your local repository.

If you can't find your commit there - check that you don't have two copies of the repository in different places.

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