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android 4.4 ionic hardware button back close keyboard

I used ionic framework and build a app in android 4.4.
when I put a input field on some view, and make focus in it, the keybord is showing,but when I press the hardware back button, I want it to hide the keyboard,but it close the current view and go back history view, how can I let it to hide keyboard and don`t to close the current view page? If the focus not in the input field,then press back button let it to close current view is normal.

$ionicPlatform.ready(function() {
if (window.cordova && window.cordova.plugins.Keyboard) {
if (window.StatusBar) {
// org.apache.cordova.statusbar required
// StatusBar.styleDefault();
$ionicPlatform.registerBackButtonAction(function (e) {
function showConfirm() {
var confirmPopup = $ionicPopup.confirm({
title: '<strong>exit?</strong>',
template: 'exit?',
okText: 'exit',
cancelText: 'cancel'
confirmPopup.then(function (res) {
if (res) {
} else {


if ($location.path() == '/app/home') {
} else
if ($ionicHistory.backView()) {

if($cordovaKeyboard.isVisible()) {
} else {
} else {
return false;
}, 101);

$cordovaKeyboard.isVisible() is alway return false in $ionicPlatform.registerBackButtonAction().

Answer Source

Ok,I find a solution about that question.

window.addEventListener('native.keyboardhide', keyboardHideHandler);
        function keyboardHideHandler(e){
          var test=$ionicPlatform.registerBackButtonAction(function (e) {
            $timeout(function() {
            }, 100);

I know this method is not best practice, but it can work. If someone find more better method or this method production some bugs, please let me know.

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