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kalan kalan - 6 months ago 41
Javascript Question

Get function name in JavaScript

Does anyone know if there is a way to get JavaScript function name. For example I got a function like

function test1(){

I have it in my head section. Then I create an object obj1 and put my function there

obj1.func = test1;

When I call a method in obj1 object, do I have any way to get my function name (test1) inside of this method, except parsing the source (
) of the function.

function test() {  alert(; } 
b = test; 

outputs "test" (in Chrome, Firefox and probably Safari). However, is only available from inside the function.

If you want to get name from outside you may parse it out of:


but I think name property of function object might be what you need:


this however does not seem work for IE and Opera so you are left with parsing it out manually in those browsers.