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C# To VB.Net Conversion - array of class objects with initialisation

can someone help me pls, im new to and im trying to work through the nhibernate firstsolution sample (written in c# re-posted here as thier site is down again) and im struggling to convert this one bit. ive tried numerous convertors; telerik, developerfusion and a several others but none of the code produced will compile and i cant see the why...

if you search for this method youll find where im upto...

private readonly Product[] _products = new[]
new Product {Name = "Melon", Category = "Fruits"},
new Product {Name = "Pear", Category = "Fruits"},
new Product {Name = "Milk", Category = "Beverages"},
new Product {Name = "Coca Cola", Category = "Beverages"},
new Product {Name = "Pepsi Cola", Category = "Beverages"},

' just the next part of the tutorial, ive resolved the "var" in 2005 bit np
private void CreateInitialData()
using(ISession session = _sessionFactory.OpenSession())
using(ITransaction transaction = session.BeginTransaction())
foreach (var product in _products)

since my c# and vb are both shakey at best ive tried to use several conversion utils/sites.

developer fusion gives:

Private ReadOnly _products As Product() = New () {New Product(), New Product(), New Product(), New Product(), New Product()}

telerik gives

Private ReadOnly _products As Product() = New () {New Product() With { _
.Name = "Melon", _
.Category = "Fruits" _
}, New Product() With { _
.Name = "Pear", _
.Category = "Fruits" _
}, New Product() With { _
.Name = "Milk", _
.Category = "Beverages" _
}, Nw Product() With { _
.Name = "Coca Cola", _
.Category = "Beverages" _
}, New Product() With { _
.Name = "Pepsi Cola", _
.Category = "Beverages" _

which seems the most useful except it complains about a type expected here "New () {..."
ive tried various things including the missing type in the New() as suggested in the comments but just cant figure it out... what am i missing? am i just being dumb? or isnt there and equivilent?

This is all the code i have, as it is a simple copy n paste from the tutorial c# to the convertor sites. in the mean time ive used the developer fusion definition and manually populated the array elements in aother method. i.e.

Private _products As Product() = {New Product(), New Product(), New Product(), New Product(), New Product()}
Private Sub CreateInitialData()
' =================
' since i couldnt figure out how to convert the initialisation of the
' "_products" array/collections whatever it is, i cheated and did this,
' seems to work ok though probably poor practice
With _products(0)
.Name = "Melon"
.Category = "Fruits"
End With
' etc....
End Sub

background if it matters: vs2005, .net 2.0

Cheers all

Answer Source

VB.NET 8.0/Visual Studio 2005 does not support use of the With statement for direct object initialization. However, I believe you should be able to encapsulate the initialization in a Function:

    Private ReadOnly _products() As Product = BuildProducts()

    Private Function BuildProducts() As Product()
        Dim products(4) As Product

        Dim product0 As New Product
        With product0
            .Name = "Melon"
            .Category = "Fruits"
        End With

        Dim product1 As New Product
        With product1
            .Name = "Pear"
            .Category = "Fruits"
        End With

        Dim product2 As New Product
        With product2
            .Name = "Milk"
            .Category = "Beverages"
        End With

        Dim product3 As New Product
        With product3
            .Name = "Coca Cola"
            .Category = "Beverages"
        End With

        Dim product4 As New Product
        With product4
            .Name = "Pepsi Cola"
            .Category = "Beverages"
        End With

        products(0) = product0
        products(1) = product1
        products(2) = product2
        products(3) = product3
        products(4) = product4

        Return products
    End Function
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