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YAML Question

Accept YAML input from website user

I haven't written this in the code yet but I want to parse YAML from my website users. The YAML should just be string key/values and lists of strings.

They input YAML into a textbox, send it to the server, then the python will parse the YAML, put it in the database and it will later be queryable.

Is there anything I need to do to be able to safely do the above?

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The main thing to observe is to parse the yaml with either safe_load ( ruamel.yaml (supporting YAML 1.2), PyYAML (YAML 1.1)) or round_trip_load (ruamel.yaml, this will allow you to extract comments in the YAML file if necessary).

The normal load could be used to execute programs by the Python interpreter, unless you pre-process the YAML to remove any tags.

Disclaimer: I am the author of ruamel.yaml

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