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Bash Question

nginx: use environment variables

I have the following scenario: I have an env variable

defined and want to use it in a nginx block. Referring to the nginx documentation I use the
directive in the
file like the following:

user www-data;
worker_processes 4;
pid /run/;

env SOME_IP;

Now I want to use the variable for a
. I tried it like the following:

location / {
proxy_pass http://$SOME_IP:8000;

But I end up with this error message:
nginx: [emerg] unknown "some_ip" variable

Answer Source

The correct usage would be $SOME_IP_from_env, but environment variables set from nginx.conf cannot be used in server, location or http blocks.

You can use environment variables if you use the openresty bundle, which includes Lua.

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