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C# needing a six digit number beginning with two 0's

I'm making a program where products are searched for by there batch number. I want to the batch number to be a random 6 digit code starting with 00, for example 002142; at the moment it is only making a random 6 digit code.
Here is the code I have tried:

public string getRandomNumber()
Random random = new Random(100000);
string randomNumber = random.Next(999999).ToString("D6");
return randomNumber;

Answer Source

why is everybody creating 6 digit ? what really is needed is create 4 and concat.

int random = new Random().Next(1000, 9999);
string code = "00" + random.ToString();


Thanks for marking as correct answer but my code is wrong. If you don't pass minimum value to next method, you can get numbers from 1 to 999 which you don't want. I edited my answer. Hope it's not late for anything.

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