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Checkbox jquery change function is not working and no errors

I have a list of items and I want to do something whenever one of the items is selected, but the problem is that the check-box's change function is not working with me.

I have checked the code inside the function and it's working fine outside the change event. i'm not sure of the reason why it's not working but what could it be other than the function its self ?

Here the change function:

$("input[name='checkCoResult']").change(function () {
if (this.checked) {
$("#searchResultSecond").attr("style", "opacity: 0.6");
$("#searchResultSecond *").attr("disabled", "disabled").off('click');


and this is the code that generate my list:

url: "CCDMSWebService.asmx/getCoSearchResult",
data: JSON.stringify(objectData),
type: "POST",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json",
success: function (response) {
var Result = response.d;
$.each(Result, function (index, val) {
contantDiv.append('<div class="panel-bod"><label style="margin:2px; border-radius: 10px;border: 1px solid #cc0000;padding: 5px;"><input type="checkbox" value="' + val.companyID + '" name="checkCoResult" class="nnn"> '
+'<img src="images/' + val.companyID + '.png" alt="company logo" width="30%" height="30%">' + val.companyName + ' provides all your needs</label></div>');
failure: function (msg) {

Answer Source

if your content is dynamic then try

     // your code
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