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Laravel 5.1 View not found

this seems to be an issue that pops up every now and then within Laravel. I was writing a CRUD controller with a view to go with it, however upon testing I got the

InvalidArgumentException in FileViewFinder.php line 137: View [bookingcrud.index] not found
error. Here is my code:


Route::resource('bookingcrud', 'BookingsCrudController');


use uasc\Http\Requests;
use uasc\Http\Requests\CrudCreateRequest;
use uasc\Http\Requests\CrudUpdateRequest;
use uasc\Http\Controllers\Controller;

use Auth;
use DB;
use Illuminate\Pagination\Paginator;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class BookingsCrudController extends Controller {

public function index()
if (!Auth::check() || Auth::user()->authority < 1) {
return redirect('/login');

$raw = "select * from bookings";
$bookings = DB::select($raw);
$paginatedBookings = new Paginator($bookings, 1);

return view('bookingcrud.index')->with('bookings', $paginatedBookings);

And a view located in

No matter what is in this view file whether its markup from a working view or just the word "cheese" i will always get:

InvalidArgumentException in FileViewFinder.php line 140:
View [bookingcrud.index] not found.

I tested the same view in a known working controller and got the same error however I tested a known working view on the same CRUD controller and it worked. I have also tried changing the directory of the view and renaming it but i'll get the same error with the "View [bookingcrud.index]" changing appropriately. I made sure the permissions of the file and directories were full for testing.

Since first getting the error I have upgraded to 5.1.1 from 5.0.26 (which is the version the error originated on for me) and ran composer update. Also from looking at threads with the same error I have also ran artisan config:clear

I am developing on Windows 8.1 with Homestead 2.0.17 deployed with Virtual Box.

Any help would much appriciated at this point it is doing my head in.

Answer Source

Turns out I had spelled blade incorrectly, took a second pair of eyes to actually notice it though.

vagrant@homestead:~/Development/laravel$ ls resources/views/crud/booking/

crud.balde.php index.balde.php

Was definitely a lesson to always double check the small things when debugging. Thanks for the help.

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