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Why is Chrome inspect element showing <strong> tags everywhere

When I use Google Chrome to inspect a website I'm working it shows a bunch of strong tags. However, there are none in my html code.

How can I fix this so I can work on my site?

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Here is my actual HTML:

<main role="main">
<section id="headline">
<div class="content">
<h1><span>Transform your written</span> work into a <strong>masterpiece<strong></h1>
<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="button openForm">Free Quote</a>
<p class="first-quote">"Your proofreading assistance has enabled me to successfully complete my dissertation with greater ease."</p>
<%= image_tag 'sudthida-signature.png', :alt=> "Suditha's Signature" %>
<p class="subtext">Sudthida P. Ph.D in Educational Research - King's College University of London</p>
</div><!--close section-container-->
<section id="approach">
<div class="content">
<%= image_tag 'editing-proofreading.png', :alt=> "Editing and Proofreading Ven Diagram" %>
<h2>A <strong>new</strong> approach that brings out the <strong>best</strong> in your work.</h2>
<p>All writing can benefit from both proofreading and editing.<p>
<p>That is why we have developed a unique two-step approach that combines both proofreading and editing into one focused service.</p>
<p>Simply send us your document and our team will do all that is needed to make your written work its very best.</p>
</div><!--content -->
<section id="proofreading">
<div class="header">
<h2><%= image_tag 'icon-proofreading50.png', :alt=> "Proofreading Icon" %>Proofreading</h2>
</div><!-- close proofreading-header -->
<div class="content">
<p>Your academic and professional success is directly linked to the quality of your written work. The first step toward achieving this success begins with proofreading.</p>
<p>In proofreading your document, our objective is to make certain that every word and sentence is correct in order to improve the quality your writing.</p>
<p>We accomplish this by focusing on a range of fundamental issues that include:</p>
<ul class="listLeft">
<li>Word choice & Semantics</li>
<ul class="listRight">
<li>Sentence structure</li>
<li>Collocation & Syntax</li>
<li>Typing errors</li>
</div> <!-- content -->
<div class="secondQuote">
<div class="quoteContent">
<p class="quote">"Your corrections have made me want to improve my writing skills. They are an important part of the learning process that reduces the number of errors in my work."</p>
<%= image_tag 'nichan-signature.png', :alt=> "Nichan Signature" %>
<p class="subtext">Nichan S. Ph.D. in Asian Studies - University of Brunei</p>
</div> <!-- secondQuote-->
<section id="editing">
<div class="header">
<h2><%= image_tag 'icon-editing50.png', :alt=> "Editing Icon" %>Editing</h2>
</div><!-- header -->
<div class="content">
<p>Our experience has shown that the optimum results in writing are acheived through a combination of editing and proofreading.</p>
<p>After proofreading, we begin the editing of your written work. Our aim is to ensure that your writing is clear, logical and adheres to any style and formatting requirements. </p>
<p>This is accomplished by performing the following:</p>
<ul class="listLeft">
<li>Improve clarity</li>
<li>Check formatting</li>
<li>Improve logical flow</li>
<ul class="listRight">
<li> Eliminate irrelevant words</li>
<li>Verify adherence to stylistic guidelines</li>
</div><!--content -->
<div class="thirdQuote">
<div class="quoteContent">
<p class="quote">"All of the manuscripts I have submitted have been published. I'm extremely impressed with the quality and speed of your service."</p>
<%= image_tag 'somdet-signature.png', :alt=> "Somdet Signature" %>
<p class="subtext">Somdet. S. Ph.D. Associate Professor and Chairman of Biochemistry Department Faculty of Medicine -Chiang Mai University </p>
</div> <!-- thirdQuote-->
<section id="howItWorks">
<h2>How it works</h2>
<div class="stepsContainer">
<div class="step">
<%= image_tag 'icon-explanation-one.png', :alt=> "Icon of a Form" %>
<div class="numberCircle">1</div>
<p>Submit a sample of your written work using our online <a href="">form</a>.</p>
</div><!-- step-->
<div class="step middle">
<%= image_tag 'icon-explanation-two.png', :alt=> "Icon of a Checklist" %>
<div class="numberCircle">2</div>
<p>We review your sample text to determine what is required to bring out the <strong>best</strong> in your work.</p>
</div><!-- middle -->
<div class="step">
<%= image_tag 'icon-explanation-three.png', :alt=> "Icon of a Quotation" %>
<div class="numberCircle">3</div>
<p>You <strong>promptly</strong> receive an email with our price quote and clear instructions on how to proceed.</p>
</div><!-- step -->
</div><!-- =stepsContainer-->
<%= link_to (image_tag 'video-screen.png', :alt=> "Video Screen Image"), '#' %>
<p class="caption">Duration - 2 min.</p>
<div class="arrow-content">
<%= image_tag 'arrow.png', :alt=> "Arrow icon pointing towards video screen image" %>
<p>watch a quick video about how our system saves you money.</p>
</div><!-- close arrow-content-->
<section id="aboutUs">
<h2>About Us</h2>
<div class="content">
<p>Our team is made up of native English speaking, fully qualified proofreaders / editors. We thoroughly understand and respect the sacrifice and effort that goes into each and every document we read.</p>
<p>Our mission is to help our clients improve their written work and to assist them in scaling new heights with their writing abilitiy. </p>
<p>We genuinely care about our clients, their work and their success and have been proud to do so for over 10 years. </p>
<p class="subtext">A complete list of our credentials is available upon <a href="" target="_top">request</a>.</p>
</div><!-- content-->
<section id="faq">
<div class="faq">
<h2>Frequently Asked Question</h2>
</div> <!-- faq -->
<div class="cta">
<h2>Start now and bring out the <strong>best</strong> in your work</h2>
<a href="javascript:void(0);" class="button openForm">Free Quote</a>
</div> <!-- close cta-->

Answer Source

I figured it out, you didn't close one of your <strong> tags, specifically the one around the word 'masterpiece'


should be:


Working example, not like you need one though...

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