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How to create packages (folders) in an Eclipse project via plugin

I try to develop a small plugin for Eclipse to create several Java files in several folders (packages) as a starting point for a new module of a larger software.

I've tried to use an

object like this:

final IFile file = container.getFile(new Path(myFileName));
file.create(stream, true, monitor);

That works as long as all folders on the path to the file exists. But it does not create any missing folders (new packages) but throws a "resource not exists" exception.

I could not find any way to do this by

Answer Source

Personally, I use a small method which recursively creates all of the folders, something like:

IFile file = project.getFile(newPath);

prepare((IFolder) file.getParent());

and then the method

public void prepare(IFolder folder) {
    if (!folder.exists()) {
        prepare((IFolder) folder.getParent())
        folder.create(false, false, null);

This works well for me.

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