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How do you force a makefile to rebuild a target

I have a makefile that builds and then calls another makefile. Since this makefile calls more makefiles that does the work it doesnt really change. Thus it keeps thinking the project is built and upto date.

dnetdev11 ~ # make
make: `release' is up to date.

How do i force the makefile to rebuild the target?

clean = $(MAKE) -f ~/xxx/xxx_compile.workspace.mak clean

build = svn up ~/xxx \
$(clean) \
~/cbp2mak/cbp2mak -C ~/xxx ~/xxx/xxx_compile.workspace \
$(MAKE) -f ~/xxx/xxx_compile.workspace.mak $(1) \

$(build )

$(build DEBUG=1)


cp ~/xxx/source/xxx_utility/release/xxx_util /usr/local/bin
cp ~/xxx/source/xxx_utility/release/xxxcore.so /usr/local/lib

Note: Names removed to protect the innocent

Edit: Final Fixed version:

clean = $(MAKE) -f xxx_compile.workspace.mak clean;

build = svn up; \
$(clean) \
./cbp2mak/cbp2mak -C . xxx_compile.workspace; \
$(MAKE) -f xxx_compile.workspace.mak $(1); \

.PHONY: release debug clean install

$(call build,)

$(call build,DEBUG=1)


cp ./source/xxx_utillity/release/xxx_util /usr/bin
cp ./dlls/Release/xxxcore.so /usr/lib

Answer Source

You could declare one or more of your targets to be phony.

A phony target is one that is not really the name of a file; rather it is just a name for a recipe to be executed when you make an explicit request. There are two reasons to use a phony target: to avoid a conflict with a file of the same name, and to improve performance.


A phony target should not be a prerequisite of a real target file; if it is, its recipe will be run every time make goes to update that file. As long as a phony target is never a prerequisite of a real target, the phony target recipe will be executed only when the phony target is a specified goal

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