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AngularJS Question

$http.get call error function from success

I do not have the ability to change an endpoint, and it will return a 200 OK response with different data if it fails. How can I make it run the error function (The 2nd function in a

from a promise)?

MyService service:

self.getData = function() {
return $http.get('/api/controller/action').then(function(x) {
//This will be run even on failure. How can I call....
return x.data;
}, function(x) {
//......here, from the front-end, so that, the 2nd function in
//inside the 'then' in the controller is run.
//This code will currently never run as it never fails server side.
return x;


MyService.getData().then(function(x) {
}, function(x) {

Answer Source

Use $q.reject, eg

return $http.get('/api/controller/action').then(function(x) {
    if (x.data === 'some error condition') {
        return $q.reject(x);
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