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Python Question

Finding root of two functions with scipy.optimize.brentq

I am trying to find the roots(i.e. where their curves cross) of the functions:

def f1(x):
return np.cos(2 * np.pi * x) * np.exp(-x ** 2)

def f2(x):
return np.log(x + 2.2)

from looking at the graphs of the two functions I know that there are two roots where -2 < x < 2 but I want the root for 0.5 > x > 0 (the other root occurs at x < 0)

I have done some research and it seems that scipy.optimize.brentq is used for finding roots of functions but I don't know how to do it for the root of two functions.

any suggestions?

Answer Source

In my humble opinion, the simplest way of doing this, is to define new function, for example:

def difference(x):
   return f1(x)-f2(x)

and then using scipy.optimize.brentq

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