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Is it possible to 'fork a fork' in Github?

I am currently working on a project that is a spinoff (fork) from a framework I have been working on.

This project is intended to be pretty generic, but now I need to fork the codebase again for a client of mine.

At this moment, I have created a custom branch for my client, but I'd rather have a standalone repository for this.

  • Is is possible to 'fork a fork'?

  • If not, what alternatives do I have?

Outline of the situation:

  • Framework repository (original)

    • Generic application repository (fork)

      • (not yet) Client repository (fork of application)

Note: when trying to 'fork a fork' in Github, you will receive a notification that you have already forked the project:

Image showing a forked project cannot be forked again

Answer Source

I contacted GitHub support about this 'issue' and they confirmed this is not possible. Also, it is very unlikely that such a feature will be implemented in the future.