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AngularJS wait for all async calls inside foreach finish

I am looping through an array with angular.forEach and calling a non-angular ajax library (Trello client.js). The client does have 'success' and 'error' callbacks, but doesn't return an angular deferred. I would like to execute a function once all of the ajax calls have completed.

I have the following code:

$scope.addCards = function(listId)
var cardTitles = $scope.quickEntryCards[listId].split('\n');
angular.forEach(cardTitles, function(cardTitle,key)
Trello.post('/cards', {
},function(){ }, function(){ });
//TODO: wait for above to complete...
$scope.quickEntryCards[listId] = '';

What can I do at that //TODO and in the callback functions so that the last 2 lines only run after all the posts either succeed or fail?

Answer Source

pseudo code using angular's $q service.

requests = [];

forEach cardTitle
   var deferred = $q.defer();
   Trello.post('/path', {}, deferred.resolve, deferred.reject);

    // TODO
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