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How to set/format the date of p:calendar on client side?

First of all the current situation. I have a JSF page where a date is rendered like this

<h:outputText value="#{bean[date]}" >
<f:convertDateTime pattern="#{Const.CALENDAR_PATTERN}"/>
// contains a calendar pattern, here dd.MMM yyyy

On another location there is a
input component, and I like to set the value of this calendar via a button click on the client side!

A first hard coded attempt works fine:

.setAttribute('value', '21.Jan 2015');"

But when I am using the date, that comes from the bean, then the pattern does not match, of course:

.setAttribute('value', '#{bean[date]}');"

This got rendered to (and would work fine as well, if the calendar would accept this pattern):

.setAttribute('value', 'Sat Jan 03 18:00:57 CET 2015');"

So I tried using the jQuery-datepicker formatter to format the the date before I set the value in the calendar like this:

.setAttribute('value', $.datepicker
.formatDate('#{Const.CALENDAR_PATTERN}', new Date( #{bean[date]} ) )

The full rendered outcome in the last attempt looks like this, but does not work, ie the value of the calendar is not set at all:

.setAttribute('value', $.datepicker
.formatDate('dd.MMM yyyy', new Date( Sat Jan 03 18:00:57 CET 2015 ) )
return false;;"

What is wrong here and how may I fix it? Unfortunately I am not very familar with javascript and/or jQuery..

Thanks in advance!

According to BalusC's answer, I changed my code to:

.setAttribute('value', $.datepicker
.formatDate('#{Const.CALENDAR_PATTERN}', new Date(#{bean[date].time})));"

Now the value of the calendar is set, but no matter which pattern I try, the result is strange. E.g with the pattern
dd.MMM yyy
which I like to use, I have the strange outcome
03. JanuaryJan 2015

I cannot imagine that there might be compatibilty conflicts with those pattern, as primefaces is build on jQuery, isn't it?

Additional problem:
Once the value of the calendar is set (e.g. by manually selecting a date from the datepicker), the value-attribute of the input component is updated correctly, but the calendar still shows the old value.

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Answer Source

To close this question finally I'd like to share my solution with you. Maybe it is helpful for someone else in the future:

The PrimeFaces component p:calendar provides a setDate function in the client side API. So the final solution that I am using now reads like this

<p:calendar widgetVar="calendar_widget_name" />

<p:commandButton type="button"
    onclick="PF('calendar_widget_name').setDate(new Date(#{bean[date].time}));"
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