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Swift Question

Fuzi XML parser is not working. Swift 3

I am attempting a migration to Swift 3 ( an utterly horrible experience. I couldn't be more furious. What is with this mess of debugging messages? Arrrg!)

Anyhow, are any of you using Fuzi XML parser? Have you managed to get it working with Swift 3? Documentation seems to suggest that its working with Xcode 8 (Swift 3), but not for me. I'll keep fighting with it if others have succeeded, otherwise I am about to abandon Fuzi and rewrite my code with another parser which is going to be a hellish experience given that I am struggling to filter through the mess of messages in the xCode debugger.

Answer Source

OP upgraded to the Swift 3, but did not updated the pods.

pod install just installs the new pods.

Since OP upgraded to Swift 3.0, he has to mention iOS 10 in the podfile and do pod update to update the pods to recent version.

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