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Replacing occurrences of a number in multiple columns of data frame with another value in R

ETA: the point of the below, by the way, is to not have to iterate through my entire set of column vectors, just in case that was a proposed solution (just do what is known to work once at a time).

There's plenty of examples of replacing values in a single vector of a data frame in R with some other value.

And also how to replace all values of
with something else:

What I'm looking for is analogous to the last question, but basically trying to replace one value with another. I'm having trouble generating a data frame of logical values mapped to my actual data frame for cases where multiple columns meet a criteria, or simply trying to do the actions from the first two questions on more than one column.

An example:

data <- data.frame(name = rep(letters[1:3], each = 3), var1 = rep(1:9), var2 = rep(3:5, each = 3))

name var1 var2
1 a 1 3
2 a 2 3
3 a 3 3
4 b 4 4
5 b 5 4
6 b 6 4
7 c 7 5
8 c 8 5
9 c 9 5

And say I want all of the values of
to be

I'm sure this is elementary and I'm just not thinking through it properly. I have been trying things like:

data[data[, 2:3] == 4, ]

That doesn't work, but if I do the same with
data[, 2]
instead of
data[, 2:3]
, things work fine. It seems that logical test (like
) work on multiple rows/columns, but that numerical comparisons aren't playing as nicely?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Answer Source

you want to search through the whole data frame for any value that matches the value you're trying to replace. the same way you can run a logical test like replacing all missing values with 10..

data[ is.na( data ) ] <- 10

you can also replace all 4s with 10s.

data[ data == 4 ] <- 10

at least i think that's what you're after?

and let's say you wanted to ignore the first row (since it's all letters)

# identify which columns contain the values you might want to replace
data[ , 2:3 ]

# subset it with extended bracketing..
data[ , 2:3 ][ data[ , 2:3 ] == 4 ]
# ..those were the values you're going to replace

# now overwrite 'em with tens
data[ , 2:3 ][ data[ , 2:3 ] == 4 ] <- 10

# look at the final data
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