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Using Sphinx to automatically generate a separate document for each function

I've been building a Python module with many different functions.

I'm using Sphinx and readthedocs to provide documentation. I've made decent progress, but currently I have one massive page that gives the documentation for all of my functions (in alphabetical order).

I've looked at other projects which have a separate page for each function. In looking through their source, I find a separate .rst file has been created for each. I assume this is done automatically, and this page on generating autodoc summaries seems like it's describing some of this, but I just can't make sense of it.

has an option (-e) to create a page for each module, but I want one for each function.

How does one use Sphinx to automatically generate a separate page for each function?

additional information

To add info for one of the answers below, I've put the following into my
file, which sits in the subdirectory

EON documentation

.. automodule:: ../EoN

.. currentmodule:: ../EoN

.. autosummary::
:toctree: functions


I get the error message

$ sphinx-autogen -o docs/generated docs/*.rst

[autosummary] generating autosummary for: docs/index.rst, docs/methods.rst, docs/quickstart.rst

[autosummary] writing to docs/generated

WARNING: [autosummary] failed to import u'fast_SIR': no module named fast_SIR

WARNING: [autosummary] failed to import u'fast_SIS': no module named fast_SIS

sit within

Answer Source

In the answer to Sorting display by class using sphinx with 'autodoc'? it is explained how to generate documentation for classes with one page per class, using autosummary with autosummary_generate=True.

This mechanism works for functions too. Use something like this:

EoN API documentation

.. currentmodule:: EoN

.. autosummary::
   :toctree: functions


You have to enumerate each function in the autosummary directive, but the corresponding *.rst files are generated automatically (in the functions subdirectory).

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