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How to ng-repeat into html table with multiple levels of json?

I have an object of social media stats. I'm trying to ng-repeat them into a table. Here's my plunker.


<tr ng-repeat="(metric, metricData) in data">

Controller object:

$scope.data = { buzz:0,
like_count: "6266",
share_count: "20746"

I run into a problem when I get to the Facebook results. Within the
that entire object gets displayed (as it should be with how I have my code setup). But what I'd rather have happen is to repeat through that object and display the key and value in the cell.

I tried doing something looking to see if
is an object and doing some sort of ng-repeat on that. But I wasn't having luck with that. Any idea on how I can display the inner object (keys & value) within the cells?

Answer Source

You can define a scope function returning the type of metricData :

  $scope.typeOf = function(input) {
    return typeof input;

And then you can display it according to its type :

  <tr ng-repeat="(metric, metricData) in data">
    <td ng-switch on="typeOf(metricData)">
      <div ng-switch-when="object">
        <div ng-repeat="(key, value) in metricData">
      <span ng-switch-default>{{metricData}}</span>  

You can see it in this Plunker

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