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Eclipse 3.6 frequently stalls during Content Assist

Has anyone ever solved this issue? The auto complete stalls so frequently and for so long, I quit using it altogether. I've only seen one other post for this and the answer did not help. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

I've had success with the following using Eclipse (Classic) 3.6.1 on Windows 7 x64.

"A workaround, until the fix is released in 3.6.2 is summarized here: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/msg/0f9d2a852e661cba"

(copied for convenience)

"You can replace your /plugins/ org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.6.1.v_A68_R36x.jar plugin with one from http://www.google.com/url?q=http://adt-addons.googlecode.com/svn/patches/org.eclipse.jdt.core_3.6.1.v_A68_R36x.zip&ei=vg5aTf2RIMrUgAeI-qTvDA&sa=X&oi=unauthorizedredirect&ct=targetlink&ust=1297749446528273&usg=AFQjCNFv7FGlTrnoVhRGE35JPjHxOwI_Bw and restart Eclipse. Content Assists will be much better. Just try it. Don't forget backup your original plugins. "

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