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MySQL Question

Join table in Entity framework

I'll have this query in joining the table but it did not returned data from Include table or Join table.

var tasks = (from item in ctx.Tasks
join tp in ctx.TaskPlugins
on item.TaskId equals tp.TaskId
select item)
.Include(x => x.TaskPlugins).Include(x => x.TaskPlugins.Select(p => p.Plugin)).Include(x=>x.TaskPlugins.Select(p=>p.Plugin.Store));
return ctx.Tasks.ToList();

But this query does not return data from

enter image description here

Error Message:
((System.Data.Entity.DynamicProxies.Task_6F777A6C52D9E84FD3DF53481564A61969CE62ABBA9D985448F99BFB8A49A2D7)new System.Collections.Generic.Mscorlib_CollectionDebugView<oRouter.Model.Task>(task).Items[0]).TaskPlugins


Answer Source

One thing, You should be returning tasks.ToList() and not ctx.Tasks.ToList()

Second, the last include .Include(x=>x.TaskPlugins.Select(p=>p.Plugin.Store) is the only one needed. First 2 includes are NOT needed.

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