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Newtonsoft.JSON: JSON List and Array are handled differently

Given the following code:

public class ColorList
public List<string> Colors = new List<string>(new string[1] { "#eeeeee"});
public class ColorArray
public string[] Colors = new string[1] { "#eeeeee"};

public class Program
public static void Main()
string json = "{Colors:['#abc','#123']}";

// Deserialize Colors into List:
// returns 3
// Deserialize Colors into Array:
// returns 2

Why is there a difference between the two deserializations?

Evk Evk
Answer Source

In addition to Jon Skeet comment, want to add that you may partially control this behavior:

var settings = new JsonSerializerSettings() {
     ObjectCreationHandling = ObjectCreationHandling.Replace
Console.WriteLine(JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<ColorList>(json, settings).Colors.Count); // returns 2, because list was replaced, not reused

However, even if you will use ObjectCreationHandling.Reuse with array - it will not reuse it, but still will replace (well it cannot really reuse it anyway).

Since you wrote that you would expect new collection when deserialized - that might help you.

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