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How to change the color of a SwitchCompat

I have a few switches with different colors in my application and to change their colors I used a custom drawable selector for each switch.

When the new AppCompat v21 library was released there was a new android.support.v7.widget.SwitchCompat control.

Is it possible to change the color of a SwitchCompat without using drawables, for instance using XML or code?

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AppCompat tinting attributs:

First, you should take a look to appCompat lib article there and to different attributs you can set:

colorPrimary: The primary branding color for the app. By default, this is the color applied to the action bar background.

colorPrimaryDark: Dark variant of the primary branding color. By default, this is the color applied to the status bar (via statusBarColor) and navigation bar (via navigationBarColor).

colorAccent: Bright complement to the primary branding color. By default, this is the color applied to framework controls (via colorControlActivated).

colorControlNormal: The color applied to framework controls in their normal state.

colorControlActivated: The color applied to framework controls in their activated (ex. checked, switch on) state.

colorControlHighlight: The color applied to framework control highlights (ex. ripples, list selectors).

colorButtonNormal: The color applied to framework buttons in their normal state.

colorSwitchThumbNormal: The color applied to framework switch thumbs in their normal state. (switch off)

If all custom switches are the same in a single activity:

With previous attributs you can define your own theme for each activity:

<style name="Theme.MyActivityTheme" parent="Theme.AppCompat.Light">
    <!-- colorPrimary is used for the default action bar background -->
    <item name="colorPrimary">@color/my_awesome_color</item>

    <!-- colorPrimaryDark is used for the status bar -->
    <item name="colorPrimaryDark">@color/my_awesome_darker_color</item>

    <!-- colorAccent is used as the default value for colorControlActivated,
         which is used to tint widgets -->
    <item name="colorAccent">@color/accent</item>

    <!-- You can also set colorControlNormal, colorControlActivated
         colorControlHighlight, and colorSwitchThumbNormal. -->


and :


If you want to have differents custom switches in a single activity:

As widget tinting in appcompat works by intercepting any layout inflation and inserting a special tint-aware version of the widget in its place (See Chris Banes post about it) you can not apply a custom style to each switch of your layout xml file. You have to set a custom Context that will tint switch with right colors.


To do so for pre-5.0 you need to create a Context that overlays global theme with customs attributs and then create your switches programmatically:

ContextThemeWrapper ctw = ContextThemeWrapper(getActivity(), R.style.Color1SwitchStyle); 
SwitchCompat sc = new SwitchCompat(ctw)

As of AppCompat v22.1 you can use the following XML to apply a theme to the switch widget:



Your custom switch theme:

<style name="Color1SwitchStyle">
    <item name="colorControlActivated">@color/my_awesome_color</item>


On Android 5.0 it looks like a new view attribut comes to life : android:theme (same as one use for activity declaration in manifest). Based on another Chris Banes post, with the latter you should be able to define a custom theme directly on a view from your layout xml:


To change the track color of a SwitchCompat

Thanks to vine'th I complete my answer with a link to SO answer that explains how to specify the Foreground of the Track when Switch is Off, it's there.

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