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Javascript Question

ReactJS Workflow in WebStorm

Huge fan on Intellij for Java(love it and love shortcuts).

Trying to get my head around using WebStrom for ReactJS.

  • Is there any additional tuning that can be done ?

  • How to quickly create new react class without copy/paste, what is the short cut ?

  • How to navigate around classes quickly ?

  • How to use imports with ease e.g. require that with quick understanding of my project structure while I type ?

  • How to build gulp from Webstorm ?


Answer Source
  • set Javascript language version to 'JSX harmony' in Settings/Languages&Frameworks/JavaScript, make sure that react.js is available in your project (or configured as a library)
  • I can suggest creating the corresponding live template (Settings/Editor/Live Templates)
  • Navigate/Symbol
  • no auto-imports functionality provided. The only help you can get is paths completion
  • see
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