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What is the proper HTML entity for the "x" in a dimension?

Is the proper HTML entity for giving dimensions

? I want to be semantically correct, but that begs the question, is listing a dimension as
2" x 3"
even semantic? If the x represents "by", would I use the letter x or ×?

In my code I've been using
2″ × 3″
, or 2″ × 3″. The non-breaking spaces are to prevent the dimension from being wrapped, as per the suggestions found in The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web.

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  • HTML: ×, ×
  • CSS: \00d7

See the Wikipedia article about the multiplication sign:

In mathematics, the symbol × (read as times or multiplied by) is primarily used to denote the […]

  • Geometric dimension of an object, such as noting that a room is 10×12 feet in area.

Depending on the context, the math element (for MathML) element could be of use.

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