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MySQL Question

How to do select if else statement in Mysql

Sample Data:


I would like to return all url string before '?' or '+', which means it will return for 2nd url and for 3rd, removing anything after '?' or '+'

Thus I tried the code below

SELECT substring(url,1,instr(pattern,'?')-1) FROM testTable;

However doing this url without '?' will be shown as "", is it possible to do a if statement like

if (url.includes('?')){
SELECT substring(url,1,instr(url,'?')-1)
else if (url.includes('+')){
SELECT substring(url,1,instr(url,'+')-1)}
FROM testTable;

and what if I would like to select * and alter only url?

Please assist,

Answer Source

Maybe you need this;)

    CASE WHEN LOCATE('?', url) THEN LEFT(url, LOCATE('?', url) - 1)
    WHEN LOCATE('+', url) THEN LEFT(url, LOCATE('+', url) -1)
    ELSE url END AS editedUrl
FROM testTable;

Check SQLFiddle DEMO HERE.

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