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Is there a way to see if there's data in any array elements with a named key without looping through the whole array?

I'm developing an application in PHP 7 which has a list of users and their dietary requirements.

If any of the users have dietary requirements I need to show a link to a page that can display them; conversley if none of the users have such requirements then this isn't shown.


array looks like this:

[ 'name' => 'Andy', 'diet' => '' ],
[ 'name' => 'Bob', 'diet' => 'Vegeterian' ],
[ 'name' => 'John', 'diet' => '' ]

So in the above example, Bob has dietary requirements and the button needs to be shown.

My plan to determine whether or not to show the button involves looping through the whole
array, and if it finds any
array elements which aren't empty, it shows the button, e.g.

$show_dietary_button = false;
foreach ($users as $user) {
if ($user['diet'] !== '') {
$show_dietary_button = true;

if ($show_dietary_button) {
echo '<a href="#">Show Dietary Requirements</a>';

Is there an easier way to do this, i.e. a way to say do any of the array elements with a key 'diet' have data in them?

Answer Source

You could just use a combination of array_filter and array_column to extract the column you want, then check if it's empty...

if (!empty(array_filter(array_column($records, 'diet')))) {
    $show_dietary_button = true;


$show_dietary_button = !empty(array_filter(array_column($records, 'diet')));
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