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ASP.NET (C#) Question

ASP.NET 5 An error occurred while starting the application

After publishing an ASP.NET Web App, I'm trying to host the website on my local server. However, when I start it up, it gives me this error in my browser:

Oops. 500 Internal Server Error An error occurred while starting the

How can I debug what this error is? The website works (both Debug and Release configurations) when starting using IISExpress and "web" in Visual Studio.

I am using the Development environment, and I have already specified

I have followed the instructions here to deploy to IIS.

I've also tried the suggestion offered here (re-publishing with "Delete all existing files prior to publish" selected). (The OP there has a slightly different error, so that's why I'm posting a new question.)

I've looked for hours on the internet, but there doesn't seem to be much content about it. Any ideas?

I am on Windows 7, using ASP.NET 5 RC1.

Answer Source

You should set the stdoutLogsEnabled=true in the web.config file to see the actual error that's happening.

As for not able to find the proper config file yes the default environment is production. It is set to development explicitly in visual studio in the project properties.

Update: In AspNetCore RTM the module is called aspnetCore under the system.webServer node in web.config. Also, as @ErikE pointed out in comments, the web.config is now located in the root of the project and not under wwwroot as in previous releases.

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