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Fill and Print Template C#

I am developing an application using C# which is simply the user inputs data, it is saved in a db (which is not SQL Server but MySql) and then prints it.

At this stage the user gave me a template which has the logo and some company information on top, in the middle the lines i need to fill and on the bottom some other information regarding this company.

Is it possible to open this document fill the required lines and print it using c#?

Sorry i cannot provide anything but i am stuck here and can't seem to figure out from where to start?

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Do you have access to any kind of reporting ie.Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services. You have one of 2 options, either you need to write a report that mimics his template using one of the technologies above, or you would need to use interops to access MSWord or MSExcel and do it that way. You may be able to use some third party PDF software.

If this was my project I would go the report route.

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