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TypeError: array[i] is undefined

I load a multidimensional array in php

for($y = 0; $y< $totaleventosaldia; $y++ ){

$arraynombres[$y] = array($arrayeventosaldia[$y][1]);


Pass the array to the javascript method

echo "<td><button id = '".$year."-".$month."-".$i."' type='button' class='btn-default' style=' border-style: solid; border-image: url(imagenes/rainbow.jpg) 30 round;' onclick='mostrarModal(".$idboton.",".$arraynombres.");' >".$i."</button></td>";

I keep getting array[i] is undefined i dont get it,

function mostrarModal(idboton, eventos){

var fechaboton = idboton;

var array = [];

var acumuladordenombres;

for(var i =0; i < eventos.length;i++){
array[i] = eventos[i];
acumuladordenombres = acumuladordenombres +' '+ array[i][0];



Help plz, have been couple hours with this.

Answer Source

You are not allowed to put a PHP array directly to JavaScript. Please try to json_encode it:


Regarding your JavaScript I would suggest to directly use eventos instead of copying the elements to array:

for(var i =0; i < eventos.length;i++) {
    acumuladordenombres = acumuladordenombres +' '+ eventos[i][0];
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