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Bash Question

Print command result while executing from script

I am trying to run from a shell script a C++ program that print some outputs (using

), and I would like to see them in the console while the program is running.

I tried some things like this :


But all I can do is to only display the result at the end :
echo $RES

How to display the outputs in run-time in the console, AND in the variable

Answer Source
SAVED_OUTPUT=$(echo "my dummy c++ program" | tee ${TTY});


my dummy c++ program
my dummy c++ program

First we save off the name of the current terminal (because tty doesn't work in a pipeline).


Then we "T" the output (a letter T looks like one stream in at the bottom, 2 out at the top, and comes from the same "plumbing" metaphor as "pipe"), which copies it to the filename given; in this case the "file" is really a special device representing our terminal.

echo "my dummy c++ program" | tee ${TTY}
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