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Javascript Question

How to open Number keyboard for iOS , android if the html5 textbox type="text"?

i have the following questions for html5 mobile textbox.

  1. is there any option to open number keyboard for ios and android platform if the input is

  2. issue i am facing here is, if the textbox is
    , not able to append $, % symbols dynamically in the textbox(to reproduce this open html page in android or ios browser)

    is there any option to include $, % symbol in the textbox, if type must be type="number" the value not appearing in safari,chrome and android browsers.


open the above URL in firefox it's working fine, but while opening in chrome value disappeared.


in my case not like to use $, % symbol in separate span.


iOS5 show numeric keypad by default without using type="number" or type="tel"

Answer Source

Try this:

EditText myEditText = (EditText)findViewById(;

It Works Fine In Android,..

Then set it back to alphanumeric when you are done with numeric..

Or else You need to Go for the part of Normal Key Board.. So that It may depend up on User Choice...


Try this...

<input type="number" />
<input type="tel" />

Both of these present the numeric keypad when the input gains focus.

Everything else seems to bring up the standard keyboard.

you can see this For iOS

without using those we cant use any numbers key board... insence of Both iOS and ANDROID.

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