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Java Question

Eclipse returns error message "Java was started but returned exit code = 1"

this is a picture of the error code

I just downloaded and dearchived android SDK for Windows. I`m currently using W8 64x.

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The error message points to a problem with your java Version. Do you have a JDK installed? Try adding (noting the new line)


to your eclipse.ini file, pointing to the JDK you want to use, and check that the required Java Verision is at least as new as your JDK. This is the path for a Windows system. More on paths can be found here (scroll down).

Edit: make sure, that the -vm option occurs before the -vmargs command. Everything after -vmargs is passed directly to the JVM. If you don't know where the eclipse.ini file is: regularly it is in the folder of your eclipse.exe.

Edit2: @KadoLakatt: the reason why installing the latest Java Version worked for you is because Eclipse checks the standard path for a JVM if it doesn't find a -vm entry (see here). However I'd not recommend that, since you might be wrong guessing the JVM used. If you update Java (automatically?) you might run into problems in your Eclipse wondering what you might have changed. Better set it to a specific folder in your eclipse.ini to be certain.

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