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How to create OpenSSL::PKey using a public key string?

How do I create an

object initialized with the following public key string? End goal is to use the object to decode a JWT token using

I've tried the following:

public_key = ""-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n ...many characters... \n-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n" # I only have the public key # Gives ArgumentError: Could not parse PKey: no start line"CERTIFICATE", "PUBLIC KEY")) # Gives ArgumentError: Could not parse PKey: ASN1 lib

Ultimate goal is to use it decoding JWT:

# example from docs
require 'jwt'

rsa_public =>, 'rsa-2048-public.pem')))
JWT.decode(token, rsa_public, true, { algorithm: "RS256", verify_iat: true })

Any ideas for initializing
with public key string?

Answer Source

As mentioned in the comments, you don't have a RSA public key directly, but a RSA certificate instead, which contains a public key, and it's pretty easy to extract:

require 'openssl'
require 'jwt'

cert = "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n .... \n-----END CERTIFICATE-----"
x509 =

payload = JWT.decode(token, x509.public_key, true, { algorithm: "RS256", verify_iat: true })

Of course, this will only work if the token was signed with that certificate's corresponding private key. I.e. for a token created like this:

payload = { data: 'test' }

priv = "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- .....-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"
rsa_private =
token = JWT.encode payload, rsa_private, 'RS256'
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