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How do I stop mod_rewrite from appending links to url?

I expect the answer is going to be something so simple I'll want to cry, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm new to mod_rewrite.

I wanted to change my links from things like to*/* (with the trailing slash) and it works fine, but whenever I move on to a link, it appends the new link to the back of the url. For example, I have an about and a contact link. If I click about it navigates to then if I click contact, it navigates to and will keep adding the links to the end of the url. If I'm at and click a link(about, in this case) it will go to and if I click about 4 more times, my address bar is going to say "" I have reproduced this in a very simple example below, what am I doing wrong?


RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/$ index.php?p=$1


<a href="about/">about</a> | <a href="contact/">contact</a><br><br>

if(!isset($_GET['p'])) {
echo "home";
} else {
echo $_GET['p'];

Thank you for your help!

It works okay if I use an absolute path, but I'd rather not if I don't absolutely have to.

edit2: adding

RewriteBase /

breaks the links. They appear to be going to and .../contact/, but I get a 404 - I'm assuming the rule I used is somehow incompatible with the way I'm doing my linking, which is why I included index.php as well.

Answer Source

You are defining all of your links in HTML relative to the current path.

You will need to change your links such that:

<a href="about/">about</a> | <a href="contact/">contact</a><br><br>

becomes (note the leading / on the urls):

<a href="/about/">about</a> | <a href="/contact/">contact</a><br><br>

When you are on a page a link like <a href="home/" gets resolved by the browser to be

The solution is to change all of your links, images, stylesheets, and javascripts to use absolute paths in your URLs, not relative ones like you have now.

EDIT: Just noticed your edit. You really should use absolute paths, not relative ones. If you want to keep the relative URLs then you will have to use something like <base href="/" /> on all of your pages.

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