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C# Question

Multiple Where clauses in Lambda expressions

I have a simple lambda expression that goes something like this:

x=> x.Lists.Include(l => l.Title).Where(l=>l.Title != String.Empty)

Now, if I want to add one more where clause to the expression, say,
l.InternalName != String.Empty
then what would the expression be?

Answer Source

Can be

x => x.Lists.Include(l => l.Title)
     .Where(l => l.Title != String.Empty && l.InternalName != String.Empty)


x => x.Lists.Include(l => l.Title)
     .Where(l => l.Title != String.Empty)
     .Where(l => l.InternalName != String.Empty)

When you are looking at Where implementation, you can see it accepts a Func(T, bool); that means:

  • T is your IEnumerable type
  • bool means it needs to return a boolean value

So, when you do

.Where(l => l.InternalName != String.Empty)
//     ^                   ^---------- boolean part
//     |------------------------------ "T" part
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