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Text area to modify HTML - rendering line breaks

I'm loading a portion of an HTML page into a text area so that I can make small changes. All the HTML tags are shown along with the text, which is what I need to happen; I don't want a WYSIWYG editor or anything fancy.

The one thing I want is for line breaks to be shown in the text area in addition to the

tags otherwise it's a giant wall of text and it's really hard to proof read. I don't want the line breaks to be doubled after I save the modifications though as the next step will be to convert everything in the text area to a PDF file.

ETA: nl2br() doesn't work because there are no line breaks to begin with. The content is assembled from paragraphs in a MySQL database using a loop. The tags are inserted during the loop too.

What's the best way to do this? I'm using PHP.

Oh, PS - I'm aware of the security concerns of not stripping the tags. This page is for the admin (me) only and will be password protected.

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Maybe you can filter those first, before showing to textarea? Something like this, maybe (add newline after the closing tag):

$rawhtml = str_replace(array("</p>", "</h1>"), "\n", $rawhtml);
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