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String Not Being Modified By strings.xml

I'm using android sdk and am trying to change the name of a string. I've started a new project, the activity_main.xml shows Hello World! on the screen.

I go into strings.xml file and there was nothing even referencing this string so I added in

<string name="hello_world">Hello World!</string>

I tried modifying
Hello World!
and changed it to something like this:

<string name="hello_world">Helloooo Worldsss!</string>

yet nothing changed.

So I looked further into the textview of the activity_main.xml

and modified the


now the text Hello World! has disappeared from the screen entirely. Perhaps it needs to be referenced to enter the strings.xml file from the textview of activity_main.xml?

I'm brand new to Java.

Answer Source

This looks like simply a case of syntax; you need quote marks.

So android:text="@string/hello_world"

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