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Javascript Question

KendoWindow will only open once when called from Kendo ToolBar button

I have looked around at a few links on SO and outside of SO and have seen alot of this type of question, but nothing in the way of why this happens on a toolbar button.

Here is a dojo of it..


Answer Source

I was able to get it to work by targeting the window with the kendo data attribute and using the open function:

function ImClicked(e) {
    //alert( + " is clicked");

   var item = $("#showMyWindow"),
        wnd ="kendoWindow");

        width: "505px",
        height: "315px",
        title: "Hey I'm a Title",
        content: "Howdy, I'm a winda",
        modal: true,
        actions: [
        close: function (e) {

Updated dojo

Found this solution in this Telerik forum post:

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