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Clearing all Labels from a tkinter window

So I'm new to tkinter, but I've got what I want working, up to a certain point.
I'm not sure I've set it up correctly, but I've got a world map with buttons on the right, and an events log on the left, which fills up with labels as stuff happens.
Issue is that after a little while, the whole log fills up.
What is the best way to delete all the labels, or maybe delete the oldest (top) label each time?
Here's what I mean:

enter image description here

Defined here:

Title=Label(root,text=' LOG').pack(anchor=NW)

And I create my labels like this:

info=Label(root,text='Select a sector to move units from',wraplength=170)

I tried the usual
, but these only work on the last label used in that function.
Should I have grouped all labels or something?

Answer Source

As PM 2Ring suggested it is usually useful to append labels to a list for future ref:

tmp = Label(...)

then just:

foreach label in labels: label.destroy()

If you do not want a list, and you're sure you want to clear everything in root:

foreach label in root.children.values(): label.destroy()

The children dict always holds the objects contained within. If you want to keep the map label, you will have to make your own list as I showed, without appending info into it.

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