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Selection .val has strange, in-understandable value (Chosen plugin)

In Ruby-on-Rails, I am using the Chosen plugin on a multiselector for a list of provinces as below:

<%= select_tag :provinces,
{:multiple => true, class: 'chosen-select chzn-select',
:data => {:placeholder => 'Filter Provinces/States'}}%>

I also have a selector in a form field on the same page like so:

<%= :province_ids,
{ include_blank: true }, {
multiple: true, data: {placeholder: 'Filter Provinces/States'} }

Finally, I have a Javascript function that synchronizes the two when #provinces, with class .chzn-select changes:

var selectedVals = [];

$(".chzn-select").chosen().change(function() {
$("#provinces option:selected").each(function () {
console.log ("this value is " + ($(this).val));
for (var i = 0; i < selectedVals.length; i++) {
console.log (selectedVals[i] + " selected");
$("#education_plan_province_ids").append($("<option>" + selectedVals[i] + "</option>")).prop("selected", true);

However, in my console, instead of getting an output, "this value is alabama" for example, I get the following:

this value is function (a){var b,c,d,e=this[0];{if(arguments.length)return
d=n.isFunction(a),this.each(function(c){var e;1===this.nodeType&&(e=d,c,n(this).val()):a,null==e?e="":"number"==typeof e
],b&&"set"in b&&void 0!==b.set(this,e,"value")||(this.value=e))});if(e)return
b=n.valHooks[e.type]||n.valHooks[e.nodeName.toLowerCase()],b&&"get"in b&&void 0!=
(c=b.get(e,"value"))?c:(c=e.value,"string"==typeof c

So not surprisingly, I am very confused as to why this is happening!
For a final piece of info, here is all_provinces_captions, all_provinces_ids, canada_provinces_with_caption, and usa_provinces_with_caption in the DataHelper, all arrays:

def self.usa_provinces_with_caption
[["Alabama", "alabama"], ["Alaska", "alaska"], ["Arizona", "arizona"], ["Arkansas", "arkansas"], ["California", "california"], ["Colorado", "colorado"], ["Connecticut", "connecticut"], ["Delaware", "delaware"], ["District Of Columbia", "district of columbia"], ["Florida", "florida"], ["Georgia", "georgia"], ["Hawaii", "hawaii"], ["Idaho", "idaho"], ["Illinois", "illinois"], ["Indiana", "indiana"], ["Iowa", "iowa"], ["Kansas", "kansas"], ["Kentucky", "kentucky"], ["Louisiana", "louisiana"], ["Maine", "maine"], ["Maryland", "maryland"], ["Massachusetts", "massachusetts"], ["Michigan", "michigan"], ["Minnesota", "minnesota"], ["Mississippi", "mississippi"], ["Missouri", "missouri"], ["Montana", "montana"], ["Nebraska", "nebraska"], ["Nevada", "nevada"], ["New Hampshire", "new hampshire"], ["New Jersey", "new jersey"], ["New Mexico", "new mexico"], ["New York", "new york"], ["North Carolina", "north carolina"], ["North Dakota", "north dakota"], ["Ohio", "ohio"], ["Oklahoma", "oklahoma"], ["Oregon", "oregon"], ["Pennsylvania", "pennsylvania"], ["Rhode Island", "rhode island"], ["South Carolina", "south carolina"], ["South Dakota", "south dakota"], ["Tennessee", "tennessee"], ["Texas", "texas"], ["Utah", "utah"], ["Vermont", "vermont"], ["Virginia", "virginia"], ["Washington", "washington"], ["West Virginia", "west virginia"], ["Wisconsin", "wisconsin"], ["Wyoming", "wyoming"]]
def self.canada_provinces_with_caption
[["Alberta", "alberta"], ["British Columbia", "british columbia"], ["Manitoba", "manitoba"], ["New Brunswick", "new brunswick"], ["Newfoundland", "newfoundland"], ["Northwest Territories", "northwest territories"], ["Nova Scotia", "nova scotia"], ["Nunavut", "nunavut"], ["Ontario", "ontario"], ["Prince Edward Island", "prince edward island"], ["Quebec", "quebec"], ["Saskatchewan", "saskatchewan"], ["Yukon", "yukon"]]
def self.all_provinces_captions { |x| x.first } + { |x| x.first }
def self.all_provinces_ids { |x| (Province.find_by name: x.first).id} + { |x| (Province.find_by name: x.first).id }

Answer Source

It looks like your missing the parenthesis for the .val method. Try the following:

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