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Node.js Question

run webpack with command line args

I've been trying to pass args from command line to webpack plugin.
I can access the args via process.argv but after that wwebpack fails with error:
ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module
It seems that webpack treats the args as folders it needs to find.
This is how I pass the args:
webpack accessKey=myKey


Saw two ways of doing this:

  1. Add the param before calling webpack and use the process.env. to access it:
    For example : myparam=1231 webpack
    in the webpack config file:
    process.env.myparam == 1231

  2. Add the args after the webpack command as flags using --.
    For example : webpack --myparam
    in the webpack config file: process.argv[2] == --myparam

Hopes this helps

Answer Source

Try passing them before the webpack command:

accessKey=myKey webpack

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