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Chaining sweetalert2 modules

I am using sweetalert2 for validating an email address but I would like it to then display a text input for a name to be entered. I understand that it chain modules but I can't for the life of me work out how from the example given on the page?

var cloud_email = $('.cloud_email').text();
var user_name = $('.user_name').text();;
confirmButtonText: 'Next →',
showCancelButton: true,
animation: false

var steps = [
//ask for and validate email here
type: 'question',
title: 'Please enter email address',
input: 'email',
inputValue: cloud_email
//ask for and validate text input here
type: 'question',
title: 'Please enter user name',
input: 'text',
inputValue: user_name

swal.queue(steps).then(function(email, name) {
type: 'success',
html: 'Email successfully sent to: ' + name + ': '+ email
}).finally(function() {
//ajax to process values passed

My attempt returns this error:

swal.queue(...).then(...).finally is not a function

Answer Source

To use finally() method, you should include a polyfill for Promise.prototype.finally to your page, e.g.:

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/promise.prototype.finally/1.0.1/finally.js"></script>

PS. I just added the link to Promise.prototype.finally polyfill to the example page: https://limonte.github.io/sweetalert2/#chaining-modals