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Python Question

Get window titles not getting other window for Internet Explorer

I am currently working on a robotframework test on IE which a test needs to change to a new window. By using

Get Window Titles
, I only get 1 title which is the main window but I'm not getting the newly opened window. Anyone can help for a solution for this?


Search For Customer Via Find Button
[Arguments] ${customerNameField} ${customerName}
Set Delay .1
Sleep 3
@{Window Names} Wait Until Keyword Succeeds 20s 5s Get Window Titles
Select Window @{Window Names}[1]

Thanks in advance! :)

Answer Source

Adding a registry key TabProcGrowth with the value of 0 in the registry editor with the path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main. This will make you see other windows.

NOTE: In my case, adding this made inputting text very very slow.

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